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Our Story

From the familiar sound of the old-fashioned percolator coffee pot and the aromatic smell of coffee brewing to the modern automatic push button espresso machines, coffee has always been part of our family. There is nothing quite like that first sip of fresh-brewed coffee in the morning or the gatherings of loved ones sharing laughter, food, and, of course, coffee. What began 20 years ago as a hobby in our little kitchen in Springfield, Missouri, has become a passion — roasting really great coffee beans to craft the perfect cup of coffee. We take pride in supplying a fresh product and delivering it to you within days of roasting so that you can enjoy a great cup of coffee while making memories, too. From our home to yours, we hope you enjoy our coffee!


- Fred Coffee Company

About Air Roasting

At Fred Coffee Company, we air roast our coffee beans. This is roasting on a fluid bed of hot air. This environmentally clean method of roasting keeps the beans moving with a controlled flow of hot air. The beans never rest against the hot steel of the roasting chamber, and the constant flow of hot air circulating the beans produces a very even roast. A benefit of this type of coffee roasting is that the chaff, which is a thin layer that covers the bean and pops off during the roast, doesn't fall to the steel and burn, which can actually burn into the bean itself sometimes resulting in a burnt taste.  Instead, the hot air forces the chaff out into a separate chamber.

We take pride in monitoring every roast with a watchful eye to ensure that each batch we make meets the high standards we wish to maintain. Our goal, at Fred Coffee Company, is to bring you the freshest, cleanest, most consistently smooth and rich cup of coffee. This is our passion...and we want to make it yours too.

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